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Mod Applications - Gonzo - 07-07-2017

Use This format to apply to become A Staff Member.

How Long You've played AFNation servers:
What Can you bring to the team ?:
How long have you been gaming ?:
How Much experience with other communities?:
Why do you want to be part of our team ?:

-----Before you fill out a STAFF application , think about all of this.-----

-- If you are new to the community , obviously we can't say yes.

-- In order to get a staff position , you will have had to played our servers for at least a few months.

-- You will have had to be active in our forums for at least a few months.

-- If you are a trouble starter , do not bother.

-- If you have been banned , multiple times , no matter the reason , don't bother.

-- If you are not willing to put in time to help us grow , do not bother.

-- If you are only applying to get free admin , don't bother.