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Source Servers - Gonzo - 11-06-2013

Ok So We Now Have 3 Fully Functioning Source Servers. (ips are in the server list tab as always). We Dropped Some 1.6 servers that were never being used , just taking up space. we will be getting rid of the predator too.(unfortunately it was my face) but its not being used. and will be bringing it another css server or a global or tf2. not decided yet.

RE: Source Servers - Mr.Rogers - 11-06-2013

They are awesome... cant believe you guys talked me in to buying source....

RE: Source Servers - Gonzo - 11-06-2013

told you youd like it thoooooooo lol

RE: Source Servers - Mr.Rogers - 11-06-2013

I know... i might actually have to invest in a decent graphix card and install this on my tower and not my laptop...