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Asha is best admin - .thuglife - 03-04-2014

So Asha is mad about me raiding him early in the day. And he decides to stand outside our base. I walk out and advert mug. He stands there AFK, so I wait for him to come out of AFK to properly mug him. He then says "If you mmug me its rdm and i will kick you, only one mug every 20 minutes and I already saw you advert the mug on me". Few things wrong with this. 1. You were AFK, it doesnt count. 2. You went AFK to avoid the mug on purpose, thats how you saw it. So you could just apologize and that would be that, or keep being butt hurt over a raid.

RE: Asha is best admin - Gonzo - 03-04-2014

stfu you fuckin cunt. come into ts3 while im at work and spam sound board some more. seriously you and bot have ruined the gmod server , so there for , as just happened to you 3 months ago with another community , you have been banned from the website because i don't want to hear about your douchebaggery anymore. Go cry to someone who will believe your lies.

RE: Asha is best admin - Gonzo - 03-04-2014

LOLOL!!!!!! oh man , i just had one of the best laughs ever!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! you DARE come here and complain about ashas abuse. well see heres the thing. Asha was DEMOING that whole time. so i watched you and bot climb into j3ts house , HEARD you guys loading up on knives , THEN call raid. and then when j3t was across the street without even a weapon , so he physically was letting you raid with no interruption or fighting or anything , you two still murdered him while he was a good 150 yards away just standing there. That , little girls , is RDM. Now , if he came in and tried fighting back , OR IF HE HAD EVEN PULLED OUT A FUCKING GUN AND POINTED IT AT YOU , then by all means , he is fair game. (but you already know this) ALSO , you were mugging asha and murdered him as a citizen , which means he had no printers , guns , weed , ANYTHING at all , so you were just going on a fucking mugging/raiding spree being trolls. (which , being trolls is normal for you two , just like when you used to do it with all your friends thuglife and you would clear the server out within minutes because you would raid 100 fucking times within an hour of you being on the server). Killing/mugging/raiding a citizen who hasn't chosen a job , and is just walking around doing nothing is ALSO against the rules. (you already knew that as well).

Asha , you are the FUCKING MAN for getting these 2 fucking idiots FINALLY caught in their bullshit lies with this demo.

All the garbage that they claim people do to them , Which they cry to me about , i now see why it was happening. They are unfair scumbags who abused the fact me and them were friends. FUCKING LAME!