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AFNation - Gonzo - 03-09-2014

Do NOT Freak OUT!!!

Nothing is going to change except for our name.

AFNation is what kept me going when it came to playing cs.
As you all know , im not a big gamer. AFNation made me stay and play cs ,
instead of giving up like i did with all the other gaming systems and games out there.
Games bore me. However , AFNation was THE BEST and is Home.
I Have Been allowed to bring it back and make it our home.

This in itself will make everything so much better.

I just wanted to take this time to let you all know , all ranks and the clan are not changing at all.

We will slowly be switching everything over to instead of

RE: AFNation - CNF - 03-09-2014

AFNation is home. I'm glad we can bring it back.