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Proper Format To Report Admin Abuse
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Proper Format To Report Admin Abuse
To Help Us Help You The Fastest We Can, Here is What You'll Need To Report An Admin:

-First Off, ScreenShots Or Demos Are Your BEST Friend! If You Can Screen Shot The Abuse Or Demo It, Please Do!!(If Part Of The Abuse Is Taking Place On The Microphone, A Demo Will Definitely Help Your Case In Showing The Abuse.)
-Secondly, Let Us Know the Admins Name , The Server Name And Game The Abuse took Place, The Date Of the Abuse , And Aproximate Time That The Abuse Took Place.
-Third, Give Us Your Version Of What Happened, And How You Feel The Admin Was Abusing His Or Her Power.

-This Will help Us Know Where And When To Look In The Administration Logs.

After You've Posted All The Information Please be Patient And Allow Staff To Review the Information.
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