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Clan Member Applications
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Clan Member Applications
Before Reading Any Further , Please Know This. We Do NOT Give Out Free Admin To Clan Members. So If That Is Why You Want To Join The Clan , Then Don't Bother.
We Used To , But The Clan Became More About The Free Admin Than It Was About Actually Being A Active Member Of The Clan. So , We have Removed The Free Admin Part Of Becoming A Clan Member. Just To Inform Everyone.

Use This Format When Applying For a Clan
Create A New Thread And Copy paste What Is Below , Then Fill In Your Info.

Clan Your Applying For:
In Game Name:
SteamID: (If You Have Steam)
Steam Profile Link: <--- (Optional)
Years Of Experience Playing With Communities:
How Long You've Played CS Or The Game Your Playing :
Why You Want To Be In The Clan:

If Try Out Is Granted , You Will Be Instructed On What To Do With A Comment From That Corresponding Clan.

Please Remember , That We Are Always Growing As A Community. So , If You Have Not Been On The Forums Taking Part In The Community , Or In The Servers , You Will NOT Be Accepted. Not Even For A Tryout. We Only Accept Gamers Who Actually Take Part in The Community , FULL PART. Not Just Gaming Or Just Website. We Want Gamers Who WANT To Be Part Of The Community. Not Just Someone Looking For A Clan.

Ways To Be considered For Recruitment To The Clans :

-Stay Active On The Forums. ( Not Just One Or 2 Word Answers Here And There , ACTUAL Conversation On The Forums.)

-Help Out With Populating The Servers (Invite Your Friends).

-Respect Players , Admins , And Staff On The Forums , And In The Servers.

-Help Out People Who Need Help Registering Or Finding Rules Or Anything Of That Nature In The Servers And On The Forums.

-You MUST Have A Mic.
RIP Boonie - We Are Gonna Miss You Bro.
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