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A Taste of My Epic Fantasy NOVEL
Lamprey Offline

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A Taste of My Epic Fantasy NOVEL
"After a 2 year war, Mathgar was cornered in Ash Hall by the leading general, Marxxicksit, of Moothgar. After being given a request to surrender, along with a little speech, Mathgar and his remaining and most loyal warriors fought to the death. After all but Mathgar had been killed, more like slaughtered, Mathgar was given the final allowance of surrender, and that the rest of the Doghul would be spared. He stood there, starring at Moothgar's general in the eyes. He finally choked up and declared that if Marxxicksit could beat him in a fair battle, he would surrender. But Mathgar was clever." (Excerpt from The Dragons of Mok) To be continued... (after I decide to translate it lol)

Mathgar (Math-gar) Rhymes with scar
Marxxicksit (Mark-sick-kist) Rhymes with missed
Moothgar (Moo-th-gar) Mooth Rhymes with booth
Doghul (Dog-ull) Rhymes with mule (MuLeTrAiN reference!)

It took me an hour to translate this from Daoi (Dragon's Tongue (Made by me!!)) to English!
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10-23-2013, 09:03 PM
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RE: A Taste of My Epic Fantasy NOVEL
interesting lol
10-25-2013, 06:50 AM
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