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As of now, I will be known a The Moslager of Voidikras, and will be vacating this account. The only friends who I didn't delete are:
davmatts (School friend)
Shady (Long time friend)
War RabbiT (Long time friend)
DeltaForce915 (Cousin)
lerk#mw2bills (MW2 friend)
LOGICS (Long time friend)
wifi veet (School friend)

Sorry if you were removed...
...I won't be re-adding you

Well I see you are still up to doing your same all thing by coming in to teamspeak and screeching.. anyways have fun.

Why did you have to make a post about this. Who cares..?

And why would you name it Updates. Name it "Lampreys life discussion" So that no one will open this thinking its about the server.

This is the exact reason why I don't want you on my friends list, you're an asshole...

Nah man, your name is lamprey, and frankly, changing your fucking name isn't going to make people forget anything you've done. All you're doing is running and hiding from your past mistakes. Grow the fuck up.

And yeah, like .thug said, what the hell kind of topic name is this? I opened it expecting an announcement by shady, not someone trying to feel superior by cleaning their friends list. Nobody gives a fuck.

That is so funny. Good call on my part, you're also an asshole

Thanks for the negative rep(s), you are a trooper. It's pretty obvious it was you that came into teamspeak and called me an asshole via poke. Grow up. Have a nice day.

This is the exact reason you dont have admin anymore Lamprey. Grow up dude.

lamprey. enough dude. seriously. everyone enough. topic has been closed.
[Image: cw2ccnP.png]
RIP Boonie - We Are Gonna Miss You Bro.

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