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Mexican Drug Cartel
Opium King Offline
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Mexican Drug Cartel
Hey its Opium King!

I have started a group called the Mexican Drug Cartel. There is also a steam group you can join if interested!

We usually play DarkRP and ZombieRP. We raid,we mug, we deal,we sell,we produce! The Cartel is usually run by Me or my close friend Diablo Cortez (RPname) his steam is SilverCrow. Message ME for an invite do NOT ask your friends for an invite.

If you request an invite I will search these forums for your application. There is no real Format to follow just include your Steam Name, RPname, Nickname, Skill Level, Game Type (competitive,leisure). Age, Gender, RP experience and why you want to join and how you can contribute. Remember all of this information given CANNOT go against RP rules, they must be in their confines.

'Opium King'
01-30-2014, 11:18 AM
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