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Truth about sgk
GNX@SGK Offline
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Truth about sgk
hello guys, Im GNX the owner of sgk community. today im stop by here not to make any drama but trying to tell all you the truth about sgk.
SGK was rised on 2007 under management of Warrior and Phoenix bobo. in 2011, the clan is sold to pickford, under management of Deagle. SGK grew stronger untill 2012, sgt bob tried to buy sgk from Pick, after ownership and accesses has been transfer over to him, he didnt pay a penny as the contract said . so sgk was down at the time. i was back to help and bring sgk back, i paid everything for sgk, bob didnt pay shit, but i was in hostpital at that time, so i let him use his paypal for the clan for the donation. But I never had any access to the clan money and keep paying out of my pocket because he lied to me that the donation was short, any keep asking money from everyone by pm on steam. at the end, after talked over and over to all our donators, we figured out he stole over $1200 fromt he clan to use on his purposes. LOL.. from the begining , he had only cs game on steam which is banned by steam ( a noob but hacking under ownership power, meant whoever say shit about him will get ban perm.) after a year, he purchased bunch of game and steam cs for himself. i asked him where was the money gone and give me proofs about all the expense since im already have enough proofs from my donators about the money sent to his paypal. he couldnt prove nothing but keep lying to everyone . after all, me and my management, donators decided to kick him out of clan , he took a bunch of immature kids from sgk join gamesnshit, but so bad, he had no server skill , neither web coding skill, but a big mouth. After all, he was kicked out of gamesnshit and been gone for a year, because he cant face the truth which everyone known about him. Now he comes back and make a fake sgk clan ,... as i know he will bring some of their immature kids to join all other clans, and will try to steal access and take over a clan again. good luck to all you who will have him on list or his clan...

sorry gonzo about this thread, im just trying to prevent shit happen again to any of you ..
Best regard,
07-11-2014, 01:06 PM
Gonzo Offline
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RE: Truth about sgk
don't be sorry about the post brotherman. hes a clown and everyone needs to know what hes doing.
RIP Boonie - We Are Gonna Miss You Bro.
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07-11-2014, 01:08 PM

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RE: Truth about sgk
i'm not going to use afnation for foiolish lies, GNX is the one that Stoll From me. Never was i ever Taken 1 cent from SGK for personal uses.GNX NEVER EVER EVER put 1 dollor into SGK account.IF ANYONE WANTS THE PAYPAL RECEIPTS I CAN AND WILL VERIFY THIS>
To let you all know what happened to SGK clan in the past years.
Back 3 years ago i bought the rights to sgk clan.after i bought them we made all new web site and servers.this was done by me with my money.now i had a partner which i asked to be my partner because he knew web site design.his name was GNX. now in the years that i owned SGK we were attacked by many that would destroy us, over and over they deleted our sites and our servers,names aren't important but the fact was that i kept paying for years with the help from others by donations .these donations were always put back into the sgk clan server and web sites.i paid for the domain rights my self with my credit card.so GNX decided to steal everything because he was power hungry .he had access to domains account because i trusted him .he went into the godaddy.com account and change everything so i had no access. i tried to get it back but do to the fact that he had access i was unable to do so unless i sued him. i decided to not sue him and started to organize other clan with some old sgk members that were with me because they knew GNX had stole from me.you can make your own decisions, but remember this, it was I that made sgk what it was, not gnx, he stole from me, changed paypal address, stole my domain rights and stole my servers, all of which I paid for not him, he never paid anything. so you can make your own decisions weither to go be with him or stay with the orginal SGKclan.

oh and my cs on steam is not banned it's mw3 that is banned for a script that i made myself for easy join.
also if gnx was in hospital then how was he able to what he said he did? if you read what he wrote it makes no sense.

and i know lets come to a basically dead web site and make a post with lies.(huh GnX) stupid ass.

Now gonzo if you are the one that has let gnx post the lies then it's fine.so be it but you also have know the truth.anyone wants to also know the truth ask swat he can verify what i say is true.
07-15-2014, 06:58 PM

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RE: Truth about sgk
also i found this old document that i have on one of my hard drives, this was back when i took over sgkclan....so on 05-25-2012 this is what happened:

ok so most of you are all wondering what has happened to our clan.
in the past week and a half so much has happened with us and you all need to know;
Dealgle quit leaving us high and pretty much in shammbles and
the clan would crumble without proper leadership.
first i was approched by pickford to buy the "clan" "become new owner" as you
may know this process happened and i acceped the deal.the deal was to pay pickford xxx
amount for everything which consisted of the following:
1.i would recieve all passwords to all data bases and control pannels
2.i would take over payments of all invoices that will occor
3.i would keep every thing in tact that belongs to sgk
4.i would recieve the domain of "sgkclan.com"
5. i would recieve the Licience to the fourms
6.i would recieve the backup to all of this to keep our history of our clan intact

now as i took over control last weekend the forums were up and servers were up
and everything seemed to be going as planned.then something drastic happened,
the forums went down unexpected.
i contacted pickford because deagle was supposed to have given me all passwords
and all access but he did not do this
deagle contacted me and added me to another data base that he hosted at another location
with very limited access and no way to work on the site.
i then would be able to access these data bases and bring the site back up if it crashed again
,well lone be hold the site crashed again permantly.deagle had shut down the data base and there
were no forums to be found .
i was left with this, i was left an old out dated Database, and a bunch
of sites to cpannels with nothing
but old and out dated servers and invoices that needs to be paid by month end
or lose every thing.
so i made a plee to a few members of our clan for help.the responce was overwelming.
i explaned the sisuation we had at hand and we all banded together and as you all
see we have every thing brand new.
so here we are now with every thing brand new,this is the new SgK which is here to stay.
better leadership/ better servers and a new forum.
we now have a new domain to go with this.our new domain name is sgkclan.net
the old sgkclan.com is useless and will also be shut down so we have this now.

my new partner in ownership is now GnX. he is the life saver of all SgK clan along with our helpers
Vendetta and Vadim with assistance from e3.
with out these guys around the clock (i mean they really did not sleep at all) we would not have all that we have now

so in closing i would like to say a big thank you to them and to all of sgk members and our comunity for the
help and support to keep us alive.
we are going to be adding new games and more servers as the clan grows more.
i will be posting the managment positions so that every will know who's what and what there duties are expected of them.
07-15-2014, 08:38 PM

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RE: Truth about sgk
hahahahahahahahaha gnx busted .i.
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07-16-2014, 12:02 AM
Gonzo Offline
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RE: Truth about sgk
how was he busted....i can make a whole convo via a notepad right now as well.....ill even have it be sebastain saying he plans on stealing from bob....the point im making is , its a copy pasted word document over the internet..........i dont believe anything of the sort. i do believe GNX tho because Bob , you tried changing the motd of AFNation servers to yours. what you failed to mention when asking was ALL YOUR MOTD SAID WAS GO HERE TO DONATE. Which for all those who dont know , was BOBS Paypal , NOT AFNation's. When you asked about switching , you never mentioned ANYTHING about changing the paypal to yours. Trying to be sneaky. Then asking to change the name of servers to SgK....and asking AFNation to run a server for you with nothing but sgk in the name , motd , everything. As if you were slowly trying to faze AFNation out of its own website and community. your a scam artist bob. of course i believe GNX over you.
As far as sebastain goes , you can't even type your own words. You came to this forum and copy pasted WORD FOR WORD COPY PASTED our post about our free admin contest then you put it on your forums as if you made it. So from what i see you both try to take other peoples hard work and use it as your own. this is closed because as there is no issue with debates and free speech , i simply cant allow this thread to keep going knowing Both @sgtbob and @Sebastain are just lying and scamming.
RIP Boonie - We Are Gonna Miss You Bro.
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07-16-2014, 01:55 AM

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