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the truth

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the truth
gonzo, you are closing a thread that no one can comment on.
first of all you asked me to join the afnation group, no i did not try to over take anything from you, as it was stated when we were going to merge Yes i would be asking for donations for admin, this is a general rule and has always been one. we never discussed any paypal agreement we never got that far EVER !
we never started using your servers or your web site, you never even got that far either, if we were going to join afnation, all money would have go to you as we said in conversation or don't you remember that.you got mad when i said i would just use my servers instead of yours.
this is when the agreement we had started stopped, it never went any further than you adding a section for sgk.
you also were saying you knew all about gnx to me and sebastain but you post something just the opposite about him and my self.
so lets get the story right to the world on what really went down please before you trash me and you yourself know the truth.
i can even give you the gas money to come to my house if you want to see what proof i have about all this gonzo.or you would never come here because you can't come this far.
07-16-2014, 11:06 AM
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RE: the truth
k. heres the thing. you and i REALLY know what happened. you can try to feed everyone else all this crap you want. however , this is a GAMING COMMUNITY WEBSITE , NOT Jerry Springer. We don't go on your website spewing bullshit. stop coming here doing the same.
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07-16-2014, 06:36 PM

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