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admin abuse for no reason...
eRa Offline
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admin abuse for no reason...

Having hard to play because every time when I "kill" sgk/method he giving me underslaps or all this things that admin can do every round. He was crying that I use wall hack or aim hack or something like this and even baned me for no reason. I was asking him to rec a demo while i'm playing and prove 100% that I'm a hacker or somehow. He said that there is no reason and he can see it like this continuing doing this kids things. For a first time I was thinking that he is just angry when all the time I kill him and other guys who also were crying. Tried to talk to him. Nothing, just saying that I know reason for this things. In real he is kind of regular player who don't recognize where is little skill and listening in a game and other hacks. I was playing with a Hail a lot and also we was cooperating with each other. I was helping him to ban hackers and he never ban me. But this guy... Also he was using my nickname for typing stupid bad jokes about myself. So, no reason. Otherwise I would like to see any demo, any moment where he can prove that i was hacking even for a second or so. Otherwise it's 100% admin abuse and hack my PC. Can send a demo.

12-06-2014, 06:26 AM
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Gonzo Offline
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RE: admin abuse for no reason...
Unfortunately , we do not have an admin with the name sgk method. In fact , The sgk clan is not welcome on our servers due to all the drama that follows them. Also , i do not see you on any of our ban lists.
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12-06-2014, 09:05 AM
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