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New PC soon - -H.i.M- - 04-26-2019

Hello old fam (or anyone who looks here),

Parts are starting to come in for my first PC build, so I plan on making a comeback to 1.6 and I will be giving CS:GO a shot also, so i hope to see some of my old friends from here on some servers.

Im sure not many, if any, of you will see this, but i wanted to post anyway.


RE: New PC soon - Gonzo - 04-27-2019

hell ya bro. the best thing i did was finally build a PC. i love it. after having a piece of shit and old as fuck pc for so long.

RE: New PC soon - -H.i.M- - 04-30-2019

yea im damn excited. i always gamed on an old POS also, on a tiny desk with barely any mouse space so i cant wait to get this machine going. a little nervous for the actual build itself, but ive watched damn near every tutorial youtube has to offer, so im sure i can make it happen.

RE: New PC soon - Gonzo - 05-01-2019

you can facebook video me and we can walk through it all. i have helped multiple people who didn't even watch a video on it. and their pc works fine