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Rust Server Rules - Gonzo - 12-28-2020

Just A Few Things To Remember When Playing:

-No Racism/Sexism/Any Ism. Just Play The Game.
-Try Not To Be To Toxic. But remember , It Is A Survival Game. Talking Smack Is Allowed. Swearing Is Allowed. KOS Is Allowed , Because Again , It Is A Survival Game.
-Do Not Just Continuously Keep Raiding The Same Person/Group Over And Over And Over To The Point They Can't Enjoy The Server.
-Don't Grief A Base Just To Do It. If Someone Is Being Toxic , With Mic Or Chat , Then Do It Up. But Don't Do It Just To Do It.
-Group Max Is 4. Teaming Beyond 4 People , Will Result In Base Deletion , Then A Temp Ban. Then If Needed , Lastly Will Be A Perm Ban.

Remember , We Actually WANT People To Want To Stay And Play.