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Admin HandBook
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Admin HandBook
AFNation and every community has the same basic rules for admins. You have admin to regulate the servers and make sure that the gamers are following the proper guidelines, To ensure that every gamer has the same equal opportunity to enjoy the servers.

We understand you can get frustrated saying the same thing to different people over and over. However it has always and will always have to be done. Different servers have different rules and not everyone speaks the same language, So Follow the few simple rules to enforce and guidelines to make sure everyone enjoys their stay at any AFNation Game Servers.

There aren't just rules for players to follow.We are a community for the players. We WANT players to ENJOY our community.There ARE Rules For Admins As Well.
Admins, REMEMBER You Are here to regulate the server and keep it fair and fun.

Rules to Enforce:

-NEVER, We Repeat, NEVER use your admin on another admin. We don't care what they said, did, or how they acted. NEVER use it, That Results In Loss Of Admin.
If You Are Having Issues With Another Admin , Bring it To The Forums And Managements Attention. Demo Or Screen Shot If Possible.-
-Do NOT Use Your Admin To Give Yourself An Unfair Advantage.-

AFNation Does NOT Support ANY Racist, Sexist , Or Socially Unacceptable Comments.
People will trash talk , its a computer game , but how it is said will be controlled,not violent and rude.
Respect ALL Players And Admins.(This Goes For BOTH Players And Admins.Respect Each Other)
Keep the servers clean and the hackers out.



-Remember we WANT people to play, so when using admin on someone don't just kick and ban.-

Before just slapping and slaying a gamer in the server right off the bat for breaking the rules, Make sure you warn them in admin talk, and use their name. (example, Atomic is camping tower past 2:30 seconds, instead of just rocketing or slaying, Post in admin chat on the screen : "Atomic Please get down from the tower Followed" By "CT'S Are Not Allowed to Camp tower past 2:30" Or "Please Type /rules In Chat To Read The Rules Of The Server")this way if they speak another language seeing there name might make them realize they are not following the rules. If The Player Has Not Listened To 2 Warnings, Then You May Slap Them.
After Slapping Warn One More time. If The Player is still not following what has been asked, then you may slay.Only After 3 Rounds of a player continuing to not respond or follow the rules may you kick The Player.

ALL BANS for HACKING Must Come With A Proper Demo.(With Status Typed In Console And the Demo Must Be First person through The Players Eyes That You Are Demoing).
(Non Steam Do NOT Require Demo , Unless A Non Steam Gamer Is Specifically Mentioned By Management To Require A Demo When Banning)

Otherwise For Bans:
-Warn At LEAST TWICE. Then SLAP At Least Twice And Use Their name in A warning.-
-Slay is the next option, after 2 or 3 slays , You May Then Kick.-
-After the kick if it persists after 2 or 3 kicks,You May Then Ban.-
-After The Ban expires if problem persists, Management Will Then Take a look.-

Always Keep the Servers Fun.
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RIP Boonie - We Are Gonna Miss You Bro.

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