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Forum Rules
Before Posting:
-Please read the "General Announcements" As They Are Usually Current.-
-Please Look Through the forums before making a new topic, as it may have already been talked about.-
-Post your Topic in the correct forum area that it belongs to.(bans with wrongfully banned , hacker with report a cheater , etc.-
-Please stay on topic, Going off-topic is Not Wanted, and can result in a temp ban if it happens often.-

-If your post contains "content" that might be Insulting To others, please post a warning in your post title.-
-Do not post links to competing websites Or any Server Ip To Other Game Servers.-

Please Do NOT Spam The Forums
-Avoid one-word posts, "lol omg" for example-
-Do not try to build your post count by posting a reply to every single comment. We know what you are doing anyways.-
-Read the message before you send it.-

-NO MAMES - Joking Around Is Always Welcomed Tho
-NO nudity, porn, links to adult/inappropriate websites are not allowed.-
-No degrading, Sexually Demeaning, or racist remarks.-
-Personal Issues, arguments or fights between anyone should be dealt with personally and privately (Im's, E-mail, anywhere but here)-

-For Posts About Ban Disputes,Hacker/Cheater Reports,And Admin Abuse-
-Please do NOT post In These disputes unless you are:
1)The Person Banned
2)The Banning Admin
3)The One Accusing The Other Person Of Hacking Or Admin Abusing.
4)The Accused Hacker Or Accused Admin Abuser.
5)Management member
All Messages By Any Other Forum User Not Involved With The Post , Will Be Deleted. If You Are Not Involved , Stay Out Of It.

-Only post in the topics that correspond to the thread you are making. Community Discussions is for anything that affects the community.-
-Off topic is for anything outside of the community.-
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RIP Boonie - We Are Gonna Miss You Bro.

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