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Funny Steam Chats!
CNF Offline

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RE: Funny Steam Chats!
Lol Lamprey, just spam him some more.

Talking with my buddy who's super into bicycling, he mentions people who throw shit at bicyclists:

Stoneƴ: I've had shit been thrown at. rocks, water bottles, balloons
THIRD LEMON IN A ROW: I threw a giant ass bucket of glitter on a bicyclist one time
THIRD LEMON IN A ROW: I was like 15 and a delinquent pothead
Stoneƴ: lol
Stoneƴ: glitter is cool. but a train horn in someones car right next to ya could fuck someone up
THIRD LEMON IN A ROW: we actually pulled up like half a mile up the road at a turn out to smoke and he confronted us
THIRD LEMON IN A ROW: He was still covered in glitter, and wanted to fight, but we were just like "dude we're minors"
THIRD LEMON IN A ROW: "you really shouldn't fight us"
Stoneƴ: lol
Stoneƴ: you shoulda said he looked fabulous
12-09-2013, 12:21 AM
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KIMmY* Offline

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RE: Funny Steam Chats!
10:25 PM - Exolent: "I was on Jacob all night"
10:25 PM - Exolent: LOL
10:25 PM - ƙɪɱɱɣ | ♥: LOL

and YES we are talking bout Twilight Jacob Lmao!!
and NO exo is not gay lmao!!!
(This post was last modified: 12-29-2013, 09:51 AM by KIMmY*.)
12-29-2013, 09:49 AM
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Lamprey Offline

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RE: Funny Steam Chats!
8:18 PM - davmatts: i have to tell you something
8:19 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: me too
8:19 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: fuck off
8:19 PM - davmatts: no school
8:19 PM - davmatts: tomorrow
8:19 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: WTF?
8:19 PM - davmatts: check the website
8:19 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: seriously
8:19 PM - davmatts: yes seriously
8:19 PM - davmatts: my siblings still have it, though
8:19 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: omfg
8:19 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: :O
8:20 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: 3 day extended break
8:20 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: wtf gpschools
8:20 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: your reputaion is falling
8:20 PM - davmatts: http://gpschools.schoolwires.net/Domain/194
8:20 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: i saw
8:20 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: lol
8:20 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: i can't belive this
8:21 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: this is awesome
8:21 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: wanna hang out tommorow?
8:21 PM - davmatts: ikr?
8:21 PM - davmatts: sure
8:21 PM - davmatts: or we can hang out now, via gmod
8:21 PM - davmatts: 'or l4d2
8:21 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: LOL
8:21 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: you bought l4d2?
8:21 PM - davmatts: yep
8:21 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: or is it still free
8:21 PM - davmatts: steam sales
8:22 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: bought it a year ago xD
8:22 PM - davmatts: have yo seen the deathcraft mod?
8:22 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: no
8:22 PM - davmatts: *you
8:22 PM - davmatts: go onto the workshop and download parts 1-7
8:22 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: it's minecraft, but l4d2
8:22 PM - davmatts: yes
8:22 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: im guessing
8:23 PM - davmatts: it's insanely fun
8:23 PM - davmatts: wanna play multiplayer with me?
8:23 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: just like insulting you
8:23 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: maybe
8:23 PM - -}Lampreghini{- Lamprey: busy capturing westeros, asshole
8:23 PM - davmatts: k
01-07-2014, 09:24 PM
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Lamprey Offline

Posts: 99
Joined: Jul 2013
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RE: Funny Steam Chats!
An hour long debate that ends in an Unfriend! Big Grin

8:34 PM - Captain Glennstryer: Space Engineers niggah
8:34 PM - davmatts: planetside nyigguh
8:34 PM - Captain Glennstryer: fuck
8:34 PM - Captain Glennstryer: you
8:35 PM - Captain Glennstryer: nyiggah
8:35 PM - davmatts: is that an invitation? *slurp*
8:35 PM - Captain Glennstryer: I'll tell you the real reson I don't play PS2. It lloks like shit at 5 fp
8:35 PM - Captain Glennstryer: s
8:36 PM - davmatts: hahaha
8:36 PM - davmatts: also, watch this
8:36 PM - Captain Glennstryer: nope
8:37 PM - davmatts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41QFL4QB3NE
8:39 PM - Captain Glennstryer: One problem SOE
8:41 PM - Captain Glennstryer: It' F2P so it'll always suck
8:44 PM - Captain Glennstryer: come on man
8:44 PM - Captain Glennstryer: ]][
8:44 PM - davmatts: but this is sooooo muuuuuuch fuuuuuuun
8:45 PM - Captain Glennstryer: come on, you were so happy i bought this but you wont play
8:45 PM - Captain Glennstryer: ☹
8:45 PM - davmatts: this is ridicuously fun tho
8:46 PM - davmatts: gaben
8:46 PM - Captain Glennstryer: fuck you faggot
8:46 PM - davmatts: gaben
8:46 PM - Captain Glennstryer: witcher if you won't play
8:47 PM - davmatts: ??
8:47 PM - Captain Glennstryer: 7 days?
8:47 PM - Captain Glennstryer: engis?
8:47 PM - davmatts: planetside 2?
8:47 PM - Captain Glennstryer: No fuck you
8:47 PM - Captain Glennstryer: uninstalling
8:47 PM - davmatts: seriously, wtf is so bad about it?
8:48 PM - Captain Glennstryer: uninstalled. I hate it and im not rein.
8:48 PM - davmatts: but why do you hate it? you've never even played it?
8:49 PM - Captain Glennstryer: the point is i want to play something you've encouraged me to buy yet won't play with me
8:49 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i hate f2p games
8:49 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i hate tf2
8:49 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i hate dota
8:49 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i hate league of legends
8:49 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i hate planetside 2
8:50 PM - davmatts: you were obcesed with leauge a few weeks ago
8:50 PM - davmatts: and i'm asking you WHY you hate it
8:50 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i hate it because it's f2p
8:50 PM - davmatts: you're just assuming that because it's F2P it MUST be bad?
8:51 PM - Captain Glennstryer: no all f2ps are bad because no one paid money so there's more cheaters and losers
8:51 PM - davmatts: there are literally zero cheaters i've ever encountered in this game or any F2P game.
8:51 PM - davmatts: you don't pay money to use steam
8:52 PM - Captain Glennstryer: Cheaters, douchebags, and unfair purchasers of micro trans.
8:52 PM - davmatts: microtrans literally only buys hood ornaments/helmets/ things that don't affect gameplay
8:53 PM - Captain Glennstryer: really, because i saw xp boosts, cash boosts, gold cash boosts, and weapons with different/op stats
8:53 PM - Captain Glennstryer: along with vehicles
8:54 PM - davmatts: it's all balenced. silencers reduce damage on guns, speed upgrades reduce armour on tanks, ECT
8:54 PM - Captain Glennstryer: only if you unlock w/o paying
8:55 PM - Captain Glennstryer: it's a waste
8:55 PM - davmatts: paying dosen't make a difference
8:55 PM - davmatts: and that's why i don't pay
8:55 PM - Captain Glennstryer: ye it does, or no one would pay
8:55 PM - davmatts: it only efects your appearence
8:55 PM - Captain Glennstryer: thats how they run the servers
8:55 PM - davmatts: again, they pay for appearence changes
8:56 PM - Captain Glennstryer: ^ bs
8:57 PM - davmatts: i'm not sure how to respond. you'r like a consul peasent. this thing is is bad because X->
8:57 PM - davmatts: oh X isn't true? well X isn't important
8:58 PM - Captain Glennstryer: well you like a f2p, so how about shutting up.
8:59 PM - davmatts: dude, just explain why you hate planetside to without making stuff up
8:59 PM - Captain Glennstryer: how about stopping making shit up about microtransactions so my statements aren't false
8:59 PM - davmatts: they are false. the microtransactions only buy cosmetics
9:01 PM - Captain Glennstryer: "a person that spends cash in game will have more upgrades than you" - PCGamer
9:01 PM - davmatts: -and upgrades are tradeoffs
9:01 PM - davmatts: you lose things like damage if you get a silencer upgrade, for example
9:01 PM - Captain Glennstryer: and any cash boost is pay to win
9:01 PM - davmatts: "cash" is used to buy cosmetics
9:02 PM - Captain Glennstryer: cert?
9:02 PM - davmatts: certs are for upgrades
9:02 PM - Captain Glennstryer: and yyou can buy certs, right?
9:02 PM - davmatts: nope. have to earn them
9:03 PM - davmatts: you can get boosts to earn more, but again, the upgrades you get with them are really just tradeoffs
9:03 PM - Captain Glennstryer: "you can get boosts to earn more" thanks for proving my point, we're doe here
9:03 PM - Captain Glennstryer: done*
9:03 PM - davmatts: no were not
9:03 PM - davmatts: certs dopn't affect performance
9:04 PM - davmatts: don't*
9:04 PM - davmatts: it's a tradeoff
9:04 PM - davmatts: tradeoff
9:04 PM - davmatts: 'tradeoff
9:04 PM - davmatts: tradeoff
9:04 PM - davmatts: why aren't you getting this?
9:04 PM - Captain Glennstryer: upgrades do though, and you can buy upgrades, so you can boost certs
9:04 PM - Captain Glennstryer: DO YOU SEE MY POINT
9:05 PM - davmatts: name an example of an upgrade that isn't a tradeoff. just one
9:05 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i don't have the store because I uninstalled the pos
9:05 PM - davmatts: then go look it up online
9:06 PM - davmatts: case closed
9:07 PM - Captain Glennstryer: https://www.planetside2.com/membership
9:07 PM - Captain Glennstryer: "Passive Certs" are you fucking kidding
9:07 PM - davmatts: membership just adds free SC and reduced warp wait
9:07 PM - davmatts: and sc is used for only cosmetics
9:07 PM - Captain Glennstryer: NO PASSIVE "CERTS"
9:07 PM - Captain Glennstryer: NOT SC
9:08 PM - davmatts: and you know certs won't give you an egde
9:08 PM - davmatts: they just allow you to tradeoff certian trates
9:08 PM - Captain Glennstryer: yes they do, because you get tiems that take longer to get legit
9:09 PM - davmatts: so? those items don't make you any more likly to win
9:09 PM - Captain Glennstryer: yes they do, because noobs (like me) to the game who resist to pay don't get upgrades as fast
9:10 PM - davmatts: i never paid and i'm in to top 60% of players
9:10 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i've fucking won fuck off or play a real game like engis or 7 days
9:10 PM - davmatts: same exact thing could be said about garry'd mod servers
9:10 PM - davmatts: and 7 days servers
9:10 PM - davmatts: and space engineers servers.
9:10 PM - davmatts: and any game with player-run servers
9:11 PM - Captain Glennstryer: REALLY? Because I can make my own Dedi with my own rules you fucking joke
9:11 PM - Captain Glennstryer: not in PS2
9:11 PM - davmatts: any game with player-run servers has the option to "donate" to the server to get perks
9:11 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i don't ask for donations
9:12 PM - davmatts: you may not, but the thousands of other server owners for that game do.
9:13 PM - davmatts: exactly
9:13 PM - Captain Glennstryer: your point in saying exactly?
9:14 PM - davmatts: that saying being able to pay for stuuf makes planetside 2 bad is hypocritical of you, because you can do the exact same thing in every game with player-run servers
9:15 PM - Captain Glennstryer: because in all the other games i like playing with friends alone, not haveing to pay a fee to get an edge
9:16 PM - Captain Glennstryer: so i can play against all the other hundreds of people
9:16 PM - davmatts: you can pay a fee to get an edge in any game with player-run servers
9:16 PM - Captain Glennstryer: no
9:16 PM - davmatts: name one game
9:16 PM - Captain Glennstryer: not the officials
9:16 PM - davmatts: name one game
9:16 PM - Captain Glennstryer: Chivalry servers
9:16 PM - Captain Glennstryer: SupCom 1 servers
9:16 PM - davmatts: i've never played those, but can players have there own server?
9:16 PM - Captain Glennstryer: Yes
9:17 PM - Captain Glennstryer: I have my own Chiv and SupCom
9:17 PM - davmatts: then it's inevitable that at leaste one of those server's owners has the option to "donate" to gain an edge
9:18 PM - Captain Glennstryer: That's the server owners desicion, not the Game Dev's
9:18 PM - davmatts: in PS2 the server owner's are the game devs
9:18 PM - Captain Glennstryer: exactly
9:19 PM - Captain Glennstryer: and in these other games the game devs don't force the server owners to FORCE donations
9:19 PM - davmatts: and so???
9:19 PM - davmatts: thet's not how it works, nobody's getting forced to do shit
9:20 PM - Captain Glennstryer: the point is f2p is the govermental/economic equivalent to a corrupt communist society. while games you pay into and never have to pay again are capitalist/democracy
9:20 PM - davmatts: how so?
9:21 PM - Captain Glennstryer: f2p makes you feel it's free but for it to run they have to get bribes
9:22 PM - Captain Glennstryer: while unlike paying the goverment you pay the factory/business owners for employment (game servers)
9:22 PM - davmatts: than anology makes no sense
9:22 PM - Captain Glennstryer: it makes perfect sense, this is a defense strategy that ha imploded on itself so i'm done
9:23 PM - davmatts: you've clearly never played planetside 2. i bet you rage0quit after you crashed your jet.
9:23 PM - Captain Glennstryer: planting the victory flag up uranu
9:23 PM - Captain Glennstryer: s
9:23 PM - Captain Glennstryer: actually i'd have to pay for the jet nub! HAHA
9:23 PM - davmatts: no you don't
9:24 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i'd have to waste hours of grinding, i forgot
9:24 PM - davmatts: you could pay for a new skin/hood ornament/trading going fast for better armour, but that's about it/
9:24 PM - davmatts: if hours = 15 mins...
9:25 PM - Captain Glennstryer: CSS and CSGO's round based system works so well
9:25 PM - Captain Glennstryer: Get paid if you do well WITH TACTICS TO BUY COOL STUFF TO GIVE YOU AN EDGE
9:26 PM - Captain Glennstryer: BUT if your enemie's good enough he can use HIS POOR ASS SHIT TO KICK YOUR ASS
9:26 PM - Captain Glennstryer: Skill based
9:26 PM - Captain Glennstryer: not P2Win or Grinding
9:26 PM - davmatts: buying stuff in planetsdie 2 won't give you an edge unless you have a magical skill that only activates when yopur charecter is wearing a certian helmet or hat
9:27 PM - Captain Glennstryer: Buy Membership > Get Passive Cert Bonus > Buy Upgrades before non payers get it at your level
9:27 PM - davmatts: >upgrtades don't give you an edge
9:27 PM - Captain Glennstryer: THAT IS P2WIN ^
9:29 PM - Captain Glennstryer: But the upgrades are achievalbe before everyone else can get them, giving you an advantage f2p players don't have
9:29 PM - davmatts: the upgrades don't give you an advantage.
9:29 PM - davmatts: why don;t you get this?
9:30 PM - Captain Glennstryer: "upgrades don't give you an advantage" this is called plot recall in English
9:30 PM - Captain Glennstryer: you have no more room to fight in
9:30 PM - davmatts: theuy aren't true upgrades
9:30 PM - Captain Glennstryer: your at the edge of the cliff
9:30 PM - Captain Glennstryer: out of breath
9:30 PM - davmatts: they're just called upgrades. your reallly just trading stuff off
9:30 PM - Captain Glennstryer: being thrown of
9:30 PM - Captain Glennstryer: f
9:30 PM - Captain Glennstryer: stfu
9:30 PM - Captain Glennstryer: and accept your lose
9:30 PM - davmatts: i'm just repeating points that seem to be going in one ear and out the other.
9:31 PM - Captain Glennstryer: lol
9:31 PM - Captain Glennstryer: i can hear you
9:31 PM - Captain Glennstryer: and i keep bringing new points up
9:31 PM - davmatts: name 1 thing ONE THING that you can "upgrade" and get an advantage
9:31 PM - Captain Glennstryer: the point is you can get something f2ps can't get as fast as you
9:31 PM - davmatts: if you can;'t support your claims with evidence, your entire argument based on said claims is invalid
9:32 PM - davmatts: so?
9:32 PM - davmatts: big deal
9:32 PM - davmatts: an advantage improves your performance
9:32 PM - Captain Glennstryer: you should have to grind just as long as the other guy
9:32 PM - Captain Glennstryer: BUT YOU DON'T
9:32 PM - davmatts: having a orange duck for a hat isn't an advantage :/
9:32 PM - davmatts: actually i do
9:33 PM - davmatts: i never paid
9:33 PM - Captain Glennstryer: Lol, stop quoting TF2
9:33 PM - davmatts: and neither did 98% of the players
9:33 PM - Captain Glennstryer: really then their servers should've shut down by now
9:34 PM - Captain Glennstryer: do you need an economics lesson?
9:34 PM - Captain Glennstryer: F2P = No Revenue
9:34 PM - davmatts: there are tens of thousanda of players.
9:34 PM - Captain Glennstryer: F2P with ads is No fun
9:34 PM - davmatts: 2% of 10K is alot of revinue
9:34 PM - davmatts: there are no ads
9:34 PM - Captain Glennstryer: So they give an advantage to payers
9:35 PM - Captain Glennstryer: 1,000 slot servers cost A LOT
9:35 PM - davmatts: if cosmetic items that have zero effect on gameplay is your definiton of an advantage, then i guess your right
9:35 PM - davmatts: i have to shit. goodbye
9:37 PM - davmatts is now Online.
9:37 PM - Captain Glennstryer: 70 player server for bf4 costs nearly a hundred dollars, so a 1000 player server would cost over 1000$ a month
9:37 PM - Captain Glennstryer: And fuck you our friendship is over until further notice asshole
9:38 PM - Captain Glennstryer: we can discuss this monday in 5th hour or end our friendship
04-04-2014, 09:39 PM
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